We are approved members of the Constructionline Scheme.

We are pleased to confirm that all our staff are kept aware as far as practicable of Health and Safety matters and in particular CDM Regulations. We adopt the approach of working as a team with the client and the appointed consultants particularly in this respect. This allows for easy dissipation of information to all concerned and thus maximum information is passed within the minimum of time.

Staff are qualified in Health and Safety Management for Contractors

Checks need to be made to ensure all persons involved with the works are aware of legislation. This applies not only to directly employed staff and operatives but also sub-contractors. The key element is the safety file, which when prepared by the Planning Supervisor needs to identify key areas of risk, and in particular COSHH matters, for future reference. The safety plan would be prepared in broad principle terms prior to appointment of each specialist and this skeleton frame work would be ‘fleshed out’ to provide an overall plan. Monitoring of the plan would be the responsibility of the appointed Safety Officer and at regular meetings any actions required would be taken and monitored.

Each specialist, in addition to carrying out his own monitoring of safety aspects, would be required, as a matter of policy needs, to provide a copy of his safety policy records as appropriate. He in turn would also need to provide tangible proof of his training / experience in safety matters. To enforce such a policy a firm approach is taken at all times.